invidious links2 mpv


eva gonzales' girl visits an abused invidious instance

use invidious to look for videos

Edit: I just learned about IdiotBox from continue:


Get the url and play it locally through mpv. That's the general idea.

the invidious way:

The G often pounds invidious instances, making it impossible to play videos through the service. However, searching for videos in most cases still works. This is all you need to get a url of the video and then stream it locally through yt-dlp (mpv).

onyx in invidious

Copy the 'youtube' url, play it in mpv.

$ mpv


yt-dlp works with invidious urls only if it can find the youtube url somewhere on the actual page. If the invidious url leads to an error page, yt-dlp can't find the youtube url.

onyx in links -g

If you use an invidious instance with links2, or other text browsers, the youtube url is not immediately visible. Instead, just copy the invidious url (ie: and parse it with something like this:

Put this in your ~/bin/yt (in your $PATH, and make it executable)

inp=$(printf $1 | cut -d"?" -f2-)
printf "$inp"

Now use mpv with the invidious url like so:

$ mpv $(yt

Similarly you can use the 'yt' parser with yt-dlp:

$ yt-dlp -x $(yt